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Leadership Team

Our leadership team is comprised of dedicated and experienced individuals committed to a collaborative Company culture, empowering our employees and making a difference for all stakeholders.

Jeffry M. Householder

President & Chief Executive Officer

Beth W. Cooper

Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer & Assistant Corporate Secretary

James F. Moriarty

Executive Vice President, General Counsel, Corporate Secretary and Chief Policy and Risk Officer

Cheryl M. Martin

Senior Vice President, Regulatory and External Affairs

Jeffrey S. Sylvester

Senior Vice President, Pipeline Transmission and Regulated Gas and Electric Distribution

Kevin J. Webber

Senior Vice President, Unregulated Energy Delivery and Business Development

Vikrant A. Gadgil

Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Shane E. Breakie

Vice President, Chesapeake Utilities and Sandpiper Energy

Michael D. Galtman

Vice President and Chief Accounting Officer

Andrew R. Hesson

Vice President, Propane Operations

Thomas E. Mahn

Vice President and Treasurer

Joseph D. Steinmetz

Vice President and Corporate Controller

Jeffrey R. Tietbohl

Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Eastern Shore Natural Gas Company, Peninsula Pipeline Company and Aspire Energy

Jason L. Bennett

Assistant Vice President, Operations Services

Michael D. Cassel

Assistant Vice President, Regulatory Affairs and Business Analysis

William D. Hancock

Assistant Vice President, Fuel Supply and Logistics

Barry D. Kennedy

Assistant Vice President, Natural Gas Distribution

Kevin M. McCrackin

Assistant Vice President, Business Development and Vice President, Marlin Gas Services

Danielle Mulligan

Assistant Vice President, Communications and Marketing

Kelley A. Parmer

Assistant Vice President, Customer Care

Stacie L. Roberts

Assistant Vice President, Corporate Governance

Devon S. Rudloff

Assistant Vice President, Human Resources

Drane A. Shelley

Assistant Vice President, Florida Electric Distribution

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Chesapeake Utilities Corporation provides guidance, and insight for the entire Company, leveraging their prior diverse experiences and leadership expertise to strengthen our business and long-term strategic focus.

John R. Schimkaitis

Director Since 1996
Chair of the Board, Retired President and Chief Executive Officer, Chesapeake Utilities Corporation

Eugene H. Bayard, Esq.

Director Since 2006
Of Counsel, Morris James LLP, Georgetown, Delawarey

Thomas J. Bresnan

Director Since 2001
Owner & President, Denver Accounting Services, Denver, Colorado

Ronald G. Forsythe, Jr., Ph.D.

Director Since 2014
Chief Executive Officer, Qlarant Corporation, Easton, Maryland

Thomas P. Hill, Jr.

Director Since 2006
Retired Vice President of Finance & Chief Financial Officer, Exelon Energy Delivery Company, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Jeffry M. Householder

Director Since 2019
President and Chief Executive Officer, Chesapeake Utilities Corporation

Dennis S. Hudson, III

Director Since 2009
Executive Chair of the Board, Former Chief Executive Officer, Seacoast National Bank & Seacoast Banking Corporation of Florida, Stuart, Florida

Lila A. Jaber, Esq.

Director Since 2020
President, Jaber Group Inc., Tallahassee, Florida

Paul L. Maddock, Jr.

Director Since 2009
Chief Executive Officer and Manager, Palamad, LLC, Palm Beach, Florida

Calvert A. Morgan, Jr.

Director Since 2000
Retired Director and Former Special Advisor, WSFS Financial Corporation, and Retired Director and Former Vice Chair, Wilmington Savings Fund Society (WSFS Bank), Wilmington, Delaware; Retired Chair, President & Chief Executive Officer, PNC Bank, Delaware, Wilmington, Delaware

Dianna F. Morgan

Director Since 2008
Former Senior Vice President, Walt Disney World Co., Orlando, Florida; Past Chair of the Board of Trustees, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida


Thomas J. Bresnan—CHAIR

Ronald G. Forsythe, Jr., Ph.D.

Thomas P. Hill, Jr.

Dennis S. Hudson, III


Dianna F. Morgan—CHAIR

Ronald G. Forsythe, Jr., Ph.D.

Dennis S. Hudson, III.

Calvert A. Morgan, Jr.

Corporate Governance Committee

Thomas J. Bresnan—CHAIR

Calvert A. Morgan, Jr.—CHAIR

Eugene H. Bayard, Esq.

Lila A. Jaber, Esq.

Paul L. Maddock, Jr.

Dianna F. Morgan


Jeffry M. Householder—CHAIR

Thomas J. Bresnan

Calvert A. Morgan, Jr.

John R. Schimkaitis