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Natural Gas Transmission

Eastern Shore Natural Gas Company (ESNG)

Owns and operates a 501-mile interstate pipeline that transports natural gas from four pipeline interconnection points in Pennsylvania to customers in Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania. ESNG transports over 50 billion cubic feet (BCF) of natural gas annually to local distribution companies, electric power generators and industrial customers throughout the region. In 2019, ESNG completed the construction of the largest system expansion project in the Company’s history increasing its capacity by 26%.


miles of pipeline


BCF of natural gas
transported a year

Peninsula Pipeline Company, Inc. (PPC)

Owns and operates several intrastate natural gas pipelines throughout seven counties in Florida. PPC provides transportation service that links interstate pipelines to local distribution systems, industrial customers and power generation facilities. In 2020, PPC completed the Callahan Intrastate Pipeline, bringing additional natural gas capacity to Nassau and Duval Counties in Florida.


miles of pipeline


counties served
throughout Florida

Aspire Energy of Ohio, LLC

Owns and operates natural gas gathering infrastructure throughout 40 counties in Ohio. Provides natural gas supplies to several local distribution companies and cooperatives. Primarily sources gas from approximately 300 conventional producers and provides additional services to maintain quality and reliability to wholesale markets.


miles of pipeline


counties served
throughout Ohio

Chesapeake Utilities Corporation is grateful for the dedication and perseverance of our frontline essential employees who perform a range of operations to provide safe, reliable, efficient and uninterrupted delivery service to our customers. Pictured is Virginia Nail, Senior Meter Technician.

Natural Gas Distribution
and Electric Distribution

Chesapeake Utilities, Elkton Gas Company
and Sandpiper Energy, Inc.

Own and operate approximately 1,900 miles of natural gas distribution mains across nine counties in Delaware and Maryland. Chesapeake Utilities, Elkton Gas Company and Sandpiper Energy, Inc. distribute natural gas to approximately 92,000 customers. In 2020, Sandpiper Energy, Inc. completed the final segment of customer conversions from propane gas to natural gas in Ocean City, Maryland, with approximately 10,000 customer accounts converted.


miles of gas
distribution mains



Florida Public Utilities Company (FPU)

Owns and operates approximately 3,000 miles of natural gas distribution mains across 21 counties in Florida. FPU and our Florida division of Chesapeake Utilities Corporation distribute natural gas to approximately 86,000 customers. FPU also owns and operates electric utility assets across four counties in Florida and distributes electricity to approximately 32,000 customers.


miles of gas
distribution mains


natural gas and
electric customers

Propane Distribution

Sharp Energy, Inc. and Flo-Gas Corporation

Distribute propane to customers in Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and southeastern Pennsylvania (Sharp Energy), and Florida (Flo-Gas Corporation). In 2020, Sharp Energy completed the acquisition of Western Natural Gas Company in Jacksonville, Florida, providing propane gas service to approximately 4,000 customers. This enables Sharp Energy to extend the availability of its propane operations in Florida and build upon our existing propane footprint in the state. Collectively, Sharp Energy and Flo-Gas Corporation distribute propane gas to approximately 67,000 customers. Sharp AutoGas fuels over 1,500 vehicles and is available at 59 propane fueling stations in Delaware, Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia.




vehicles fueled
via AutoGas

Chesapeake Utilities Corporation uses combined heat and power (CHP) to provide significant efficiency improvements and cost savings while reducing overall environmental impact. Pictured is Joseph Moody, Operations & Maintenance Technician II, at our Eight Flags Energy, LLC CHP Plant on Amelia Island, Florida.

Energy Delivery Development

Eight Flags Energy, LLC

Provides electricity and steam generation services through a combined heat and power (CHP) plant on Amelia Island, Florida, serving approximately 50% of Amelia Island’s demand for electricity. The CHP plant produces electricity, steam and water with less air pollutants and water usage, meeting an 80% efficiency target and cutting overall energy consumption in half.


megawatts of
baseload power



Marlin Gas Services, LLC (Marlin)

Maintains one of the largest fleets of compressed natural gas (CNG) steel tube trailers consisting of various sizes to provide solutions for all of its customers’ various applications nationwide. Marlin offers interim and long-term natural gas solutions when pipeline supplies are not available, traditional methods cannot meet customer requirements, and during pipeline outages. Marlin continues to actively expand the territories it serves, as well as to leverage its personnel and technology to serve liquefied natural gas (LNG) users and to provide transportation services for renewable natural gas (RNG) from supply sources to various pipeline interconnection points.